The 10 Best Slimming Fruits and Vegetables

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Many of us spend the summer holidays getting back into shape and working off some extra pounds. Here is a selection of the 10 best fruits and vegetables to maintain that hard-earned figure.


If your goal is to keep losing weight, melon, which is rich in minerals like beta-carotene, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, copper and zinc is the ideal fruit. Melon boasts laxative properties that help along digestion and avoid fat storage which in turn prevents weight gain. Rich in fibers, it is also considered a belly-slimming fruit. Last but not least, melon has a very low calorie count (38 calories/100g or 3.5 oz).


First and foremost, tea has virtually no calories (1 calories/100 g or 3.5 fl oz) and has a very low satiety level. In addition, the polyphenols found in tea aids in burning off fat while its diuretic properties help eliminate toxins.

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A strong antioxidant, lemon is an excellent health ally. The fruit activates the secretion of bile in your body's organism to better digest foods thanks to its high vitamin C levels. Finally, the citric acid found in lemons work to help the stomach burn fat and proteins. Lemon has a calorie count of 33 calories/100g or 3.5 oz.


Pineapple is known as one of the best foods for weight loss. It naturally contains bromelain which is an excellent fat-burning enzyme that favors the elimination of fats by breaking down their cell-tissue. The fruit has a calorie count of 33 calories/100 g or 3.5 oz.

Black radish

Black radish is a powerful appetite suppressant due to its high levels of vegetable protein and iodine. The vegetable triggers the functioning of the thyroid gland and is considered an excellent "detox" food. Very low in calories, black radish counts 17.8 calories/100g or 3.5 oz.


Fennel contains no less than a dozen antioxidant elements, primarily flavonoids that work to eradicate free radicals. The vegetable is also rich in potassium and calcium with only 20 calories/100g or 3.5 oz. It's the ideal food to avoid weight gain while you boost your mineral intake.


This orange vegetable contains a high concentration of carotenoids (vitamin A), beta and alpha carotene. A 100g (3.5 oz portion) covers more than half of the daily requirements for an adult. It also contains both vitamins B and K and provides a worthy quantity of potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. Carrots have a calorie count of 36 calories/100g or 3.5 oz.

Cherry tomato

These small vegetables pack a rich volume of magnesium, calcium, vitamin C and B9. Its diuretic properties help to eliminate a large amount of toxins which helps avoid storage of fats. Only 29 calories/100g or 3.5 oz.


Thanks to its high-fiber content, raspberries help digestion. The sweet fruit is also rich in vitamin C, magnesium and calcium. Raspberries number 45 calories/100g or 3.5 oz.


Composed of 97% water, the cucumber is the number-one diuretic food of this list. It encourages and even accelerates weight loss. Rich in vitamin K, it has one of the lowest calorie counts with 12 calories/100g or 3.5 oz.

Special thanks to nutritionist Marie-Anne Rose.


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12 Crucial Reasons why you should Start Drinking Magic Teafit Tea right now…

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Most of us have battled with a few extra pounds, or many extra pounds that we want to finally drop. Diet pills are unsafe, motivation can be difficult to muster in the context of a busy life and temptation is everywhere. But what we can do is drink this miracle tea that helps with all of this and more. Do you want a healthy glow to your skin and a slim and healthy body?

Magic Teafit is the tasty, healthy and life changing tea to cleanse the body and help you finally be rid of the extra pounds you’ve always wanted to ditch. It builds health and beauty from the inside out with its blend of tested and trusted herbs that detoxify, give energy, that also fortify the body with necessary minerals and strengthen the immune system. But there are other health benefits to drinking this amazing tea.

  1. Magic Teafit boosts your energy level :- The Energy Boost Teatox blend contains Oolong and green teas in addition to Yerba mate to wake you up and give you a boost of energy. Drink it 15 minutes before breakfast and lunch to wake up your senses, energize you and reduce your appetite.
  2. Magic Teafit is good for your teeth :- The energy boost tea can take the place of coffee. Coffee stains the teeth and causes bad breath. Peppermint freshens up the breath, green tea naturally whiten the teeth, and Yerba mate, Oolong and green tea provide as much energy as coffee.
  3. The tea detoxes and helps flush impurities :- The detox tea contains 14 ingredients to help the body better rid itself of impurities. Dandelion root is considered one of the best herbs for detoxification. It helps the liver get rid of waste and has a nourishing effect on this vital organ. Proper liver function in turn gives additional energy, so this is one of the ways the tea program benefits energy and vitality. The herb stinging nettle is a powerful remedy against bloating and water retention as it activates the kidneys and the liver. It is also a great source of minerals and nutrients.
  4. Magic Teafit gives you a lovely complexion and healthy, radiant skin : - Rooibos tea contains a wide variety of benefits and one of them is contributing to a beautiful complexion. An added plus is its tension relieving and sleep-promoting properties. This ingredient is in the detox tea and rounds out the taste while powerfully benefiting the drinker of this great tea. Stinging nettles is another herb in this tea that helps the skin. Finally, the herb rosemary improves circulation to the brain and other parts of the body. Good circulation is necessary for looking and feeling healthy and well.
  5. Magic Teafit reduces the appetite and thus controls cravings : - Drinking the energy blend right before meals effectively controls your appetite. It prevents you from eating too much, allowing you to concentrate on getting the right amount of food needed for nutrition without going overboard.
  6. It boosts the metabolism and thus helps you to effectively and safely lose weight consistently and quickly : - The ingredients in both the energy blend and the detox blend help the digestion, the metabolism and energy levels. These effects are all essential for losing weight effectively and quickly. You have yerba mate to wake the system up, get you going and feeling healthy and strong. Rosemary is excellent for the circulation. Improved circulation means waste transport will take place more efficiently.
  7. The tea contains antioxidants :- Drinking green tea has known antioxidant effects. It puts free radicals which damage the cells and weaken the body in their place. It effectively minimizes them. A strong system is needed for keeping the body healthy, thus enabling proper weight loss.
  8. Reduces bloating and inflammation :- Retaining water is one of the obstacles to weight loss. If many of us could just get rid of excess water, we’d already be halfway to our fitness goals. Both the energy boost and detox teas help the body to flush out unnecessary water, causing an appearance of weight loss almost overnight. Inflammation is the body’s response to stress on the body which is often caused by unhealthy foods and exposure to toxins in the environment. By helping to reduce the intake of both unhealthy foods and by helping to better process toxins, Magic Teafit reduces inflammation for healthier tissues and cells.
  9. Increases your feeling of overall well-being :- Magic Teafit gives you increased energy and the ability to finally meet your goals. This has a direct and indirect influence on your overall feeling of wellness and positivity in your life. Having energy means you can get things done during the day, making you feel productive and successful. You’ll be able to do challenging workouts and get through them with ease. You will be pleased with the way you feel and the outcome of this in your life, thus inducing a positive cycle of well-being. You’ll feel better and so you will do better.( Doing better will make you feel better and so on. ) In addition, health has a direct effect on psychological and mental well-being, as well as emotional balance. Sugar and over-eating cause mood swings. Magic Teafit helps to regulate this.
  10. Soothes the digestive system : - Peppermint is an herb that helps to calm and ease the digestive tract, including the stomach and intestines. Ginger is another herb that helps ease nausea and activates and soothes the digestive system. Both of these herbs are present in the detox blend.
  11. Helps regulate blood sugar, keeps candida overgrowth in check by reducing sugar cravings and sugar consumption : - The herbs in both the energy blend and detox blend help keep the appetite in check thus reducing sugar cravings. Less sugar is good for the blood sugar level and for preventing candida (naturally present in the digestive tract but harmful if out of control) from becoming to abundant in the system. Sugar consumption also leads to weight gain, inflammation. In addition, cancer cells need sugar to survive. Thus, keeping your sugar consumption to a minimum will help reduce your risk of cancer.
  12. Tastes delicious and is really effective! : - The blends in both types of Magic Teafit teas (energy and detox) taste great, refreshing and naturally sweet. Stevia is a calorie-free herb that tastes sweet without the presence of any type of sugar. It is present in both types of tea. You don’t need to add any type of sugar to enjoy the taste of this tea! The other herbs themselves taste refreshing and good on their own, but stevia really brings out the taste and makes these blends a memorable treat.

Finally, Magic Teafit is healthy and safe, energizing and refreshing, revitalizing and sweet. You have only weight to lose, and great health and well-being to gain! You’ll feel confident and radiant after having reached your weight loss goals, feeling healthy and positive. 

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Magic Teafit Customer Success Story - Lost 20 Pounds - I AM BACK TO 100 POUNDS!

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Well first off this isn't my first rode, I have drank teas for many years but not once have I found a tea that I can drink without having coffee or an energy drink for that extra boost or mid-day pick me up. For a very long time I drank many energy drinks and never really watched what I ate or detoxed like I do today. I did work out but I didn't really ever see a change in my stomach area, in fact it kept getting worse!

I have had a bloating problem for many years due to lack of proper nutrition and not proper flushing out of the system. I have made a change in my life all around to eat healthy and try to exercise regularly, honestly have been going at it for over a year! I went up in weight I normally weigh around 100 pounds but out of nowhere I gained 20 pounds and it showed, I've never been 120 or anymore then 100 pounds which is okay for me being 5'2 23 years old and in good shape! My tummy was fat and bloated almost half the time and there was extra fat in the stomach area that made me absolutely insecure. I have tried a greens shake 3 day detox plan before,  I have tried Competitor product, store bought tea, NONE of it worked! Those things helped for a few days but my stomach never got any better or showed progress.
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I found Magic Teafit on Instagram after much time spent searching and rating different tea companies that sold similar tea that did just about the same thing. I found Magic Teafit to have the best prices and the best Organic loose leaf blend, each the Energy Boost Teatox and the Magic Teafit Detox have ingredients with the most benefit for the body! I had to try it! I ordered my first pack started with the 14 day to see how I would like it because I just finished a different pack I ordered and didn't see much change. I started drinking my Magic Teafit right after I received it, I fell in love with the taste immediately. It had its own sweet blend didn't need any kind  of sweetener as well as the Detox one at night when I drank that one after dinner, it was amazing! I started noticing a difference just days after, in the morning it didn't take me as long to get out of bed. I started a routine of waking up putting some water on the stove to boil and made myself some tea. I no longer needed or wanted to drink coffee and I'm a HUGE coffee lover! My energy got so much better and I noticed my metabolism actually started to increase as well which was great due to a slow metabolism. I started getting way less cravings and ate a lot less sugar and sweets. After just two weeks I noticed I wasn't getting as bloated as normal OMG this is huge for someone always dealing with a food baby! I had to do progress pictures I took a picture before I started because I wanted to see RESULTS. I drink this tea daily and have reordered because I am hooked, it's just too yummy not to enjoy. I feel so much better, lighter, happier, I can stand on the scale today and say I AM BACK TO 100 POUNDS! Over a month and a half with this tea and I have dropped all the extra waste in my stomach that was causing my slow metabolism and extra pounds in the stomach area. I seriously couldn't be happier I know this is long but it's so real not to share! I love this MAGIC TEAFIT and I'm not going to stop drinking this tea any time soon.

Magic Teafit ship right away plus it's free that right there saves money, many other sites charge and it takes almost days for them to reply back. I made a mistake on my first purchase, I had put in the wrong shipping address and was freaking out because their shipping is SO FAST they had my order ready to go instantly I was emailed conformation and didn't know what to do! I emailed them back right away as well as wrote them on Instagram and they replied RIGHT AWAY, I was surprised how quick they helped me out and my order shipped out to me the next day! Definitely people that work for Magic Teafit are VERY helpful and productive. THANK YOU ALL because of you and getting the word out about this tea I have found it and found progress for my body!

Hope it's not too long…


Instagram- @Miss_Duha

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Best Foods That Help to Lose Belly Fat along with Magic Teafit Energy Boost Weight Loss Tea and Detox Tea

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Belly fat is a major concern for many. Not only does it make your figure unattractive, but also increases the risk of developing hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. Recently, Public Health England stated for the first time that belly fat is the clearest sign of type 2 diabetes. Another significant study, published in the Journal Heart, states that having a big belly significantly increases the risk for sudden cardiac death. The most common causes include genetics, hormonal imbalance, physical inactivity and an unhealthy diet.

The ideal way to reduce belly fat is to choose foods wisely and make exercise a daily habit. Here are some of the best foods which help in reducing belly fat

Magic Teafit Weight loss Tea1. Pineapple: It contains an enzyme called bromelain which has anti-inflammatory properties. This enzyme helps in metabolizing proteins that helps in getting a flatter tummy.

2. Cherries: Studies show that regular intake of cherries helps in lowering symptoms of CVD and metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome increases the risk of belly fat accumulation as well as the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.

3. Watermelon: Water melon is the perfect food to cut body fat. It contains 91percent water and acts like a diuretic (that promotes the production of urine), keeps you feel full for longer and helps in clearing water retention.

4. Avocados: It contains a good amount of monounsaturated fats which are heart healthy fats. It is also packed with fiber which keeps you full for longer and curbs cravings.

5. Herbal tea: Magic Teafit Energy Boost Tea (weight loss Tea ) & Detox Tea It is rich in antioxidants and helps in boosting up metabolism, thus cutting down the body fat. It is also known to suppress your appetite.

6. Apples: They are rich in dietary fiber, flavonoids and beta carotene. All of these help in keeping your belly feel full and prevent overeating. Pectin present in apples helps in weight loss by transforming into a gel like substance that traps dietary cholesterol and fat.
7. Almonds: These contain healthy fats and prevent mid meal cravings. According to a study, published in the American journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating almonds suppresses hunger.

8. Beans and legumes are high in proteins and low calories which help you lose weight and tone up.

9. Green leafy vegetables: Eat lots of green leafy vegetables as are they are low in calories, high in fiber and contain calcium and Vitamin C. Vegetable juices (like spinach juice and celery juice) help in cleansing the body and increase the metabolic rate.

10. Tomatoes: They contain a compound known as 9-oxo-ODA that helps reduce lipids in blood, which in turn helps in controlling belly fat. This compound also fights chronic diseases associated with obesity.

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Small Meals Every Day trended to Healthier Eating and Weight Less

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Reuters Health - Adults who had multiple small meals every day tended to eat better, and weight less, than those who had fewer but larger meals, in a recent study.

People eating fewer meals tended to eat the most at night, and to drink alcohol with meals, both of which might contribute to their higher body mass index (BMI), a measure of weight relative to height, the researchers said.

Magic Teafit Weight Loss Teas“The major hypothesis that can be taken away from this study is interesting but not so mind-blowing - eating more frequently throughout the day leads to a greater intake of healthier, lower calorically-dense foods, which in turn leads to a lower overall caloric intake and BMI,” said Elena Tovar, a clinical dietitian at Montefiore Medical Center in New York who wasn’t involved in the study.

“This just makes sense - eating more often staves off hunger so that we don’t end up eating whatever we can get our hands on later on, thereby making it more likely that the foods we eat are healthier,” Tovar told Reuters Health in an email.

Researchers in the UK, at Imperial College London, and in the U.S., at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago, analyzed data from 2,385 adults from a study conducted between 1996 and 1999.

They found that participants who reported eating less than four times during a 24-hour period had an average BMI of 29.0 and consumed an average of 2,472 calories.

A BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 is considered normal weight and BMI between 25 and 29.9 is considered overweight. A BMI of 30 or higher is considered obese.

Participants who ate six times or more over 24 hours had an average BMI of 27.3 and consumed an average of 2,129 calories.

People who ate more often tended to consume foods that were lower in calories and higher in nutritional value, such as vegetables, the researchers found.

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Meanwhile, people who ate less than four meals tended to consume more calories in the evening, and to have alcohol in the evening. This pattern is consistent with meals eaten at restaurants, where food tends to be rich or fried and it’s harder to get fresh, healthy foods, the authors note.

“Our findings demonstrated that lower BMI levels in more frequent eaters are associated with consumption of lower dietary energy density and higher nutrient quality foods,” the authors write in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

“Modifying eating behavior through more frequent meals of low dietary energy density and high nutrient quality may be an important approach to control epidemic obesity,” they note.

They also acknowledge limitations to the study, including the fact that it doesn’t prove that timing or frequency of eating caused the differences in BMI.

“Although this relationship requires further testing, it seems to support the idea that eating large meals later in the day may not be doing our waistlines any favors,” Tovar said.

Tovar highlighted the study authors’ speculation that the apparent effect of meal timing might be related to an increase in insulin sensitivity later in the day.

“I would be curious to see more research on this topic in particular, especially because so many people these days are being told by practitioners not to eat after certain times at night without there being much science to back up these arbitrary requests,” she said.



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How Energy Boost Teatox Tea works?

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Energy Boost Teatox Tea or Teatox Tea uses most effective Herbs, roots and spices to jump starts your metabolism to help you lose weight while cleansing your body. Unlike most detox systems, with a Teatox you can still eat meal and snacks.

What Magic Teafit Teatox does?

Magic Teafit Teatox Promotes Fat Burning, Weight Loss, Provides more Energy, Suppresses Unwanted Appetite, Reduces Bloating, Increases Metabolism,Regulates Sugar Cravings and Soothes Digestive System.

How Teatox Works?

In general each Teatox program has it’s own methods based on its tea blend. But generally you drink a cup of tea in the morning, afternoon and one in the evening after dinner for the specified number of days.

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How Magic Teafit Energy Boost Teatox Tea works?

Energy Boost Teatox Tea is specially designed with blend of 8 wonder Herbs & root powders, The main Ingredients are Garcinia Cambogia, Cha de Bugre, Organic Oolong Tea, Organic Gunpowder Green Tea and Organic Yerba Mate.These combinations help to speed up Metabolism and suppresses unwanted appetite while adding good amounts of Antioxidants & Vitamins. Oolong tea and Gunpowder Green tea has EGCG that decreases fat absorption, increases fat burning (oxidation).Garcinia Cambogia, Cha de Bugre will help suppresses unwanted appetite due to high in HCA in Garcinia Cambogia. Using our product with our diet & exercise program will help you achieve weight loss goals like Magic!

Eating healthy during your Teatox will maximize the effects. When you are on your Teatox make sure to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, beans and lentils, oats, brown rice, unsalted nuts, yogurt, and fish.

You can pick either 14 day or 28 day Program. All the ingredients in Magic Teafit Energy Boost Teatox Tea is 100% natural. There are no GMOs, gluten, dairy chemicals or preservatives.Using loose leaf tea is more effective, and it just tastes better than tea bags!

We hope you have enjoyed this article and have learned some valuable information about Teatox!

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Why Weight Loss is Important for Men and Women

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Overweight could have a major impact among Americans above 20 years because 69% of them have been tagged to be overweight and obese by USA based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( This figure is expected to spike in the coming years due to the inactive lifestyle and poor eating habits of many American adults.

You are one of the fortunate ones if you are happy with your weight. Many people who are overweight have an increased chance of developing heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Being overweight or obese is not a joke.The main risk to anyone who is overweight is some form of cardiac disease, which can put you on a path to a heart attack. Many heart attacks can be fatal.

Before you can generate the energy to lose weight, you need to get motivated! You need to consider all the positive benefits your weight loss will bring you. Lowering one's weight can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, improve sleep, improve energy and reduce the chances of developing diabetes.

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First of all, it is important to be realistic. What this means is that you should not expect to lose fifteen pounds in a week and you should not start out with a harsh diet. Both of these goals are unrealistic and you will end up quitting even before you see any results. The best way to reduce your weight is by making small changes. First of all, track your food intake. Be aware of what you are eating and how it is affecting your body. Make small changes at first, for instance bring an apple to work instead of a bag of chips. You can also try bringing a bottle of fruit juice to work instead of a soda. Small changes like this do make a big difference in the long run.

You don't want to die young. those who have a higher BMI are more likely to die at a younger age than those who have a lower BMI. Translated, that means if you are obese (defined as having a BMI of 30 percent or more), you have a 50 to 100 percent change of dying young than people who are not. According to the National Centers for Disease Control, obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States.

If you are a female and having fertility problems, excessive weight can be a contributing factor to your infertility. In order to produce the right combination of hormones, you need to take in the proper nutrients to assist your body in their production. If you are fortunate enough to become pregnant while overweight, you put both the baby and yourself at a higher risk for a miscarriage and other health problems.

Maintaining a healthy weight also helps your immune system work more effectively, so you'll get sick less often. And you'll sleep better at night and be sharper and more mentally alert during the day.

You will be more mobile and flexible. From lifestyle factors, activity levels, flexibility, personal mobility, and transportation mobility, you'll have an easier time getting around and performing day-to-day and fun activities. For example, you won't lose your breath so fast climbing stairs, you'll be able to tie your own shoes, you'll be able to play with your kids, you'll be able to move around easier, and you'll fit better into your car seat, office chairs, and airport seats. These are some great perks to gain with weight loss.

You will eliminate the fat person prejudice. Though it's not often talked about, overweight people often suspect they are treated differently than their skinnier or healthy weight counterparts. They get rude stares in the grocery store and at restaurants, people avoid sitting next to them on buses and trains, and they are often bypassed for jobs they were well qualified for after a face to face interview reveals their obesity. Weight loss means any unnecessary attention you'll generate from now on will be purely positive.

You will look amazing! Lastly, last but certainly not least, you'll look gorgeous! Everyone wants to have a hot body. Weight loss will dramatically increase your self-confidence.

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