12 Crucial Reasons why you should Start Drinking Magic Teafit Tea right now…

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Most of us have battled with a few extra pounds, or many extra pounds that we want to finally drop. Diet pills are unsafe, motivation can be difficult to muster in the context of a busy life and temptation is everywhere. But what we can do is drink this miracle tea that helps with all of this and more. Do you want a healthy glow to your skin and a slim and healthy body?

Magic Teafit is the tasty, healthy and life changing tea to cleanse the body and help you finally be rid of the extra pounds you’ve always wanted to ditch. It builds health and beauty from the inside out with its blend of tested and trusted herbs that detoxify, give energy, that also fortify the body with necessary minerals and strengthen the immune system. But there are other health benefits to drinking this amazing tea.

  1. Magic Teafit boosts your energy level :- The Energy Boost Teatox blend contains Oolong and green teas in addition to Yerba mate to wake you up and give you a boost of energy. Drink it 15 minutes before breakfast and lunch to wake up your senses, energize you and reduce your appetite.
  2. Magic Teafit is good for your teeth :- The energy boost tea can take the place of coffee. Coffee stains the teeth and causes bad breath. Peppermint freshens up the breath, green tea naturally whiten the teeth, and Yerba mate, Oolong and green tea provide as much energy as coffee.
  3. The tea detoxes and helps flush impurities :- The detox tea contains 14 ingredients to help the body better rid itself of impurities. Dandelion root is considered one of the best herbs for detoxification. It helps the liver get rid of waste and has a nourishing effect on this vital organ. Proper liver function in turn gives additional energy, so this is one of the ways the tea program benefits energy and vitality. The herb stinging nettle is a powerful remedy against bloating and water retention as it activates the kidneys and the liver. It is also a great source of minerals and nutrients.
  4. Magic Teafit gives you a lovely complexion and healthy, radiant skin : - Rooibos tea contains a wide variety of benefits and one of them is contributing to a beautiful complexion. An added plus is its tension relieving and sleep-promoting properties. This ingredient is in the detox tea and rounds out the taste while powerfully benefiting the drinker of this great tea. Stinging nettles is another herb in this tea that helps the skin. Finally, the herb rosemary improves circulation to the brain and other parts of the body. Good circulation is necessary for looking and feeling healthy and well.
  5. Magic Teafit reduces the appetite and thus controls cravings : - Drinking the energy blend right before meals effectively controls your appetite. It prevents you from eating too much, allowing you to concentrate on getting the right amount of food needed for nutrition without going overboard.
  6. It boosts the metabolism and thus helps you to effectively and safely lose weight consistently and quickly : - The ingredients in both the energy blend and the detox blend help the digestion, the metabolism and energy levels. These effects are all essential for losing weight effectively and quickly. You have yerba mate to wake the system up, get you going and feeling healthy and strong. Rosemary is excellent for the circulation. Improved circulation means waste transport will take place more efficiently.
  7. The tea contains antioxidants :- Drinking green tea has known antioxidant effects. It puts free radicals which damage the cells and weaken the body in their place. It effectively minimizes them. A strong system is needed for keeping the body healthy, thus enabling proper weight loss.
  8. Reduces bloating and inflammation :- Retaining water is one of the obstacles to weight loss. If many of us could just get rid of excess water, we’d already be halfway to our fitness goals. Both the energy boost and detox teas help the body to flush out unnecessary water, causing an appearance of weight loss almost overnight. Inflammation is the body’s response to stress on the body which is often caused by unhealthy foods and exposure to toxins in the environment. By helping to reduce the intake of both unhealthy foods and by helping to better process toxins, Magic Teafit reduces inflammation for healthier tissues and cells.
  9. Increases your feeling of overall well-being :- Magic Teafit gives you increased energy and the ability to finally meet your goals. This has a direct and indirect influence on your overall feeling of wellness and positivity in your life. Having energy means you can get things done during the day, making you feel productive and successful. You’ll be able to do challenging workouts and get through them with ease. You will be pleased with the way you feel and the outcome of this in your life, thus inducing a positive cycle of well-being. You’ll feel better and so you will do better.( Doing better will make you feel better and so on. ) In addition, health has a direct effect on psychological and mental well-being, as well as emotional balance. Sugar and over-eating cause mood swings. Magic Teafit helps to regulate this.
  10. Soothes the digestive system : - Peppermint is an herb that helps to calm and ease the digestive tract, including the stomach and intestines. Ginger is another herb that helps ease nausea and activates and soothes the digestive system. Both of these herbs are present in the detox blend.
  11. Helps regulate blood sugar, keeps candida overgrowth in check by reducing sugar cravings and sugar consumption : - The herbs in both the energy blend and detox blend help keep the appetite in check thus reducing sugar cravings. Less sugar is good for the blood sugar level and for preventing candida (naturally present in the digestive tract but harmful if out of control) from becoming to abundant in the system. Sugar consumption also leads to weight gain, inflammation. In addition, cancer cells need sugar to survive. Thus, keeping your sugar consumption to a minimum will help reduce your risk of cancer.
  12. Tastes delicious and is really effective! : - The blends in both types of Magic Teafit teas (energy and detox) taste great, refreshing and naturally sweet. Stevia is a calorie-free herb that tastes sweet without the presence of any type of sugar. It is present in both types of tea. You don’t need to add any type of sugar to enjoy the taste of this tea! The other herbs themselves taste refreshing and good on their own, but stevia really brings out the taste and makes these blends a memorable treat.

Finally, Magic Teafit is healthy and safe, energizing and refreshing, revitalizing and sweet. You have only weight to lose, and great health and well-being to gain! You’ll feel confident and radiant after having reached your weight loss goals, feeling healthy and positive. 

All Natural | Promote your Energy, Body, Immunity and Happiness

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Magic Teafit Customer Success Story - Lost 20 Pounds - I AM BACK TO 100 POUNDS!

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Well first off this isn't my first rode, I have drank teas for many years but not once have I found a tea that I can drink without having coffee or an energy drink for that extra boost or mid-day pick me up. For a very long time I drank many energy drinks and never really watched what I ate or detoxed like I do today. I did work out but I didn't really ever see a change in my stomach area, in fact it kept getting worse!

I have had a bloating problem for many years due to lack of proper nutrition and not proper flushing out of the system. I have made a change in my life all around to eat healthy and try to exercise regularly, honestly have been going at it for over a year! I went up in weight I normally weigh around 100 pounds but out of nowhere I gained 20 pounds and it showed, I've never been 120 or anymore then 100 pounds which is okay for me being 5'2 23 years old and in good shape! My tummy was fat and bloated almost half the time and there was extra fat in the stomach area that made me absolutely insecure. I have tried a greens shake 3 day detox plan before,  I have tried Competitor product, store bought tea, NONE of it worked! Those things helped for a few days but my stomach never got any better or showed progress.
All Natural | Promote your Energy, Body, Immunity and Happiness

No Hassles | Money Back Guarantee |Worry-Free

I found Magic Teafit on Instagram after much time spent searching and rating different tea companies that sold similar tea that did just about the same thing. I found Magic Teafit to have the best prices and the best Organic loose leaf blend, each the Energy Boost Teatox and the Magic Teafit Detox have ingredients with the most benefit for the body! I had to try it! I ordered my first pack started with the 14 day to see how I would like it because I just finished a different pack I ordered and didn't see much change. I started drinking my Magic Teafit right after I received it, I fell in love with the taste immediately. It had its own sweet blend didn't need any kind  of sweetener as well as the Detox one at night when I drank that one after dinner, it was amazing! I started noticing a difference just days after, in the morning it didn't take me as long to get out of bed. I started a routine of waking up putting some water on the stove to boil and made myself some tea. I no longer needed or wanted to drink coffee and I'm a HUGE coffee lover! My energy got so much better and I noticed my metabolism actually started to increase as well which was great due to a slow metabolism. I started getting way less cravings and ate a lot less sugar and sweets. After just two weeks I noticed I wasn't getting as bloated as normal OMG this is huge for someone always dealing with a food baby! I had to do progress pictures I took a picture before I started because I wanted to see RESULTS. I drink this tea daily and have reordered because I am hooked, it's just too yummy not to enjoy. I feel so much better, lighter, happier, I can stand on the scale today and say I AM BACK TO 100 POUNDS! Over a month and a half with this tea and I have dropped all the extra waste in my stomach that was causing my slow metabolism and extra pounds in the stomach area. I seriously couldn't be happier I know this is long but it's so real not to share! I love this MAGIC TEAFIT and I'm not going to stop drinking this tea any time soon.

Magic Teafit ship right away plus it's free that right there saves money, many other sites charge and it takes almost days for them to reply back. I made a mistake on my first purchase, I had put in the wrong shipping address and was freaking out because their shipping is SO FAST they had my order ready to go instantly I was emailed conformation and didn't know what to do! I emailed them back right away as well as wrote them on Instagram and they replied RIGHT AWAY, I was surprised how quick they helped me out and my order shipped out to me the next day! Definitely people that work for Magic Teafit are VERY helpful and productive. THANK YOU ALL because of you and getting the word out about this tea I have found it and found progress for my body!

Hope it's not too long…


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