Magic Teafit Customer Success Story - Lost 20 Pounds - I AM BACK TO 100 POUNDS!

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Well first off this isn't my first rode, I have drank teas for many years but not once have I found a tea that I can drink without having coffee or an energy drink for that extra boost or mid-day pick me up. For a very long time I drank many energy drinks and never really watched what I ate or detoxed like I do today. I did work out but I didn't really ever see a change in my stomach area, in fact it kept getting worse!

I have had a bloating problem for many years due to lack of proper nutrition and not proper flushing out of the system. I have made a change in my life all around to eat healthy and try to exercise regularly, honestly have been going at it for over a year! I went up in weight I normally weigh around 100 pounds but out of nowhere I gained 20 pounds and it showed, I've never been 120 or anymore then 100 pounds which is okay for me being 5'2 23 years old and in good shape! My tummy was fat and bloated almost half the time and there was extra fat in the stomach area that made me absolutely insecure. I have tried a greens shake 3 day detox plan before,  I have tried Competitor product, store bought tea, NONE of it worked! Those things helped for a few days but my stomach never got any better or showed progress.
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I found Magic Teafit on Instagram after much time spent searching and rating different tea companies that sold similar tea that did just about the same thing. I found Magic Teafit to have the best prices and the best Organic loose leaf blend, each the Energy Boost Teatox and the Magic Teafit Detox have ingredients with the most benefit for the body! I had to try it! I ordered my first pack started with the 14 day to see how I would like it because I just finished a different pack I ordered and didn't see much change. I started drinking my Magic Teafit right after I received it, I fell in love with the taste immediately. It had its own sweet blend didn't need any kind  of sweetener as well as the Detox one at night when I drank that one after dinner, it was amazing! I started noticing a difference just days after, in the morning it didn't take me as long to get out of bed. I started a routine of waking up putting some water on the stove to boil and made myself some tea. I no longer needed or wanted to drink coffee and I'm a HUGE coffee lover! My energy got so much better and I noticed my metabolism actually started to increase as well which was great due to a slow metabolism. I started getting way less cravings and ate a lot less sugar and sweets. After just two weeks I noticed I wasn't getting as bloated as normal OMG this is huge for someone always dealing with a food baby! I had to do progress pictures I took a picture before I started because I wanted to see RESULTS. I drink this tea daily and have reordered because I am hooked, it's just too yummy not to enjoy. I feel so much better, lighter, happier, I can stand on the scale today and say I AM BACK TO 100 POUNDS! Over a month and a half with this tea and I have dropped all the extra waste in my stomach that was causing my slow metabolism and extra pounds in the stomach area. I seriously couldn't be happier I know this is long but it's so real not to share! I love this MAGIC TEAFIT and I'm not going to stop drinking this tea any time soon.

Magic Teafit ship right away plus it's free that right there saves money, many other sites charge and it takes almost days for them to reply back. I made a mistake on my first purchase, I had put in the wrong shipping address and was freaking out because their shipping is SO FAST they had my order ready to go instantly I was emailed conformation and didn't know what to do! I emailed them back right away as well as wrote them on Instagram and they replied RIGHT AWAY, I was surprised how quick they helped me out and my order shipped out to me the next day! Definitely people that work for Magic Teafit are VERY helpful and productive. THANK YOU ALL because of you and getting the word out about this tea I have found it and found progress for my body!

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