Magic Teafit: A Simple, Tasty Sip to Health and Weight Loss

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Magic Teafit brand’s recently-launched healthy tea, uniquely formulated for weight loss, energy boost and detox, has won rave reviews from early customers and already enjoys an expanding market of fitness-conscious women ready for this natural healthy drink.

Columbus, OH  November 16, 2014  Tea, known for centuries and quietly enjoying a reputation as "the drink of health and happiness," has of late been drawn into the fitness limelight. And it’s now being sought out as the key to resolving many health issues such as obesity and lifestyle diseases.

Technology has proven its value, with laboratory research discovering what's good about tea and establishing why drinking healthy tea leads to better, healthier bodies.

The answer is simple. Tea leaves have basic properties that work as antioxidants and natural detoxifiers in the body, proven effective in boosting energy levels while preventing and dealing with unhealthy weight gain and fat build-up. And a plus factor: Magic Teafit tea always makes for a tasty refreshing drink.

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Everything good from nature in tea – and more – is what Magic Teafit has blended into a Simple, Tasty and Healthy drink that has just hit the fitness market. And, if how fast they get off the shelves is any indicator, we’re seeing a newly-energized market of more health-conscious consumers.

The Magic Teafit products come with the Energy Boost and Detox Tea, available in 14-day and 28-day packs to suit distinct and individual needs of customers. Consumer response has been positive just two months since Magic Teafit was introduced, following reports of encouraging results and a noted healthy difference in their bodies even before the course has been completed.

The Magic Teafit Energy boost is loaded with the key ingredients Oolong Tea, Green Tea and Yerba Mate, a combination known to yield the desired results of appetite suppression, enhanced metabolism, and decreased fat absorption. The antioxidants and vitamins that are also present in the blend work to give the body the energy boost needed for regular daily activity without the discomfort or inconvenience of other fat burners.

The 14 natural wonder herbs in Magic Teafit Detox Tea work wonders together to flush out toxins from unhealthy eating, cleanse the Liver, Colon, and the whole body. Release of toxins in the body aids in the rejuvenation of cells and organs to make them function at optimal levels. Also, after detoxification, nutrients can be absorbed more completely, enhancing the repair of the body at a molecular level. It's an overall excellent way to induce sound and quality sleep, which again guarantees a healthier, more active body.

Other health benefits also reported by those who have tried Magic Teafit products:
Lowers blood sugar; Relieves stress and hypertension; Cleanses liver and colon; Strengthens immune system; Promotes restful sleep' Eases upset stomach; Improves blood circulation and prevents cardiovascular diseases.


Unlike most tea preparations, Magic Teafit does not leave a bitter taste as other tea products do, because it contains Stevia, a popular organic sweetener recommended for people with high blood sugar.

The product is ideal for young people age 15 and above. It could have a major impact among Americans above 20 years because 69% of them have been tagged to be overweight and obese by US-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( This figure is expected to spike in the coming years due to the inactive lifestyle and poor eating habits of many American adults.

"I'm excited to launch this product because it contains only specially selected herbs, backed by clinical studies and that have long been known to have medicinal value and are now available in ready-to-dip tea bits," said Reddy, spokesperson for Magic Teafit. "This is an exciting breakthrough in energy drinks and weight loss teas."

About Magic Teafit: Magic Teafit is a new business venture that manufactures and markets herbal teas as a traditional drink and healthy food supplement that can induce weight loss, boost energy levels, and a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

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